The Spacers

I realised the other day when stacking the modules that I didn’t have enough spacers. The spacers are required and sit at the front and back of each module. A client of mine – Scott from www.allwaterjetcutting.com.au said he could easily laser cut them if I provided him with a drawing. I photocopied two of the spacers and then set about measuring them with a vernier and documenting the dimensions.

Scott quickly provided a CAD version…

A couple of corrections and we ended up with a final drawing.

Today the spacers arrived and they are perfect.

The CAD Drawing

Here is the CAD drawing used to make the spacers. If anyone needs them cut, I can recommend Scott from www.allwaterjetcutting.com.au.

Video of the Spacers

I have recorded a quick video detailing the finished spacers

Fitting the Spacers to the Lithium Tower of Power

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