Equipment | Mounting

The Busbars 2.0

Now that I have a completely new way of mounting the modules – and more of them, I needed to remake all the busbars. I found a local company willing to make them for me with their CNC Mill. This will ensure the holes are precise. I also didn’t feel like drilling hundreds of holes….

Equipment | Mounting

Adding wires to Shunt Trip

My shunt trip operates from 48V making it easy to power. I added some wire with Ferrules, drilled a hole in the side of the breaker and fed the wires through. I also tied a not in the wire on the inside of the breaker to stop it pulling through.


Starting on Balance Leads

After watching Lithium Powers youtube video I got motivated to start the BMS Balance Leads. I purchased some ring terminals and using some wire sheath I got from China months ago I started work.


Assembling the Tower of Power v2.0

Now that all the threaded rod has been cut and the mounts secured to the two shelves it was time to start assemble the 7 towers. I assembled the towers using the highest rated module on cell 7 and working down to cell 1 and then working backwards till all 7 towers were complete. Unfortunately,…


Threaded Rod

Tonight I spent about an hour cutting threaded rod to length (just about 1m) This should allow me to mount 200 modules if I use all 8 stacks. This requires 32m of threaded rod. I had all but the last 8m of it, so I cut it all and then test fitted a module on…


Time to rethink the battery mounting

The original plan was to use a rack cabinet to hold all the modules, however, I now have to many to fit into the rack and so another solution needed to be found. I considered standard ‘shed’ style shelving however it didn’t solve the problem of having the modules locked away (so kids etc cant…