More Bigger!

Not sure why, but I had the urge to make the system bigger even before it was live. On a bit of a spur of the moment purchase, I grabbed a complete Nissan Leaf pack from www.lithium-power.com.au for $3250 delivered from Perth.

My first surprise was the seal. In many videos I had watched on youtube the lid was sealed on with some sort of very sticky glue and a lot of work was required to separate the lid from the case, however in this pack a simple rubber seal was used and the lid lifted straight off. It was all to easy.

The first piece to remove was the top bar joining the two side packs.

It was a relief to get this out, but its only the start.
The rear pack is the heaviest, but easily removed by two people
Using an impact driver I removed all the bus bar bolts.
Dismantling is now complete.

I will now test each module and the results will be added to the spreadsheet and I will summarise here once complete.

Note: So far, testing indicates each module has on average 32.2ah capacity. This is disappointing but still usable. So far the highest has been 33.83 and the lowest 31.17 – so each module appears to have degraded evenly.

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