Production Meter Install – EM24

Up until today, I have only had an Energy Meter installed at the Grid. My Solar production data has not been available as its AC coupled and connected to the input side of the Victron.

To get production data into Victron I required an energy meter specifically to measure production. Without production data, Victron cannot correctly calculate my true consumption and therefore all the stats provided are inaccurate.

My solar system is a 3 phase system with 33x Enphase Microinverters and is on the INPUT side of the Inverter. The correct meter for a three phase AC coupled solar system is EM24.

I installed this into my PV subboard and connected it to my network via Ethernet.

Enphase Sub Board – Now with EM24 Meter connected via Ethernet

After switching the EM24 to DHCP via the little joystick the Cerbo detected the EM24.

Device 1 is my EM24 grid meter and Device 2 is my new EM24 Production meter

I then set it to act as a Production meter (as opposed to the default Grid meter Role).

Selecting the correct Role

The last step is to inform Victron where its position is in relation to the inverter. My solar is on the input side, so I chose AC Input 1.

Choosing the PV Production position

Now in the UI, I can see the PV Production (orange box).

Note: There is no audio in the above video

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