East Roof – 3000wp added

I have just completed adding another 3000wp to the system using 12 second hand 250w panels and a Victron 150/70 MPPT.

The panels are connected to the Cerbo via a Victron USB to VE Direct cable as I have run out of VE Direct ports on my Cerbo GX. I also had to add another Victron Bus bar to the system.

Shed East Roof – 3000wp System

I paid a couple of solar guys to do the installation – So everything on the roof is up to spec. It’s set up as two separate 6-panel systems – each having 3 panels in series with two lots in Parallel. As there are only 2 in parallel, string fuses are not required.

I then parallel these two systems in the shed after passing each system through a 20amp non-polarised DC circuit breaker.

I can now see the MPPT 150/70 in VRM

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