Finally, Local Leaf Cells found

For some time I have had a saved search with alerts enabled on my ebay phone app. About 2 weeks ago I went to bed early and while watching a video on my phone I was alerted to a new listing for local leaf cells. The listing was for 8 leaf cells for $400.00 (By it now price!). Within 35 seconds of the listing going live I made the purchase. The next morning I picked up the cells and discovered 24 more were being made available. I agreed on a price and now wait their delivery. While I wait I set about testing the 8 cells to see what their capacity was like. The cells are 7 years old so I was expecting some capacity loss. I now needed to work on a system of charging and discharging the cells to measure capacity. Once I work this out I will post up my results.


  1. Can you please help me find a complete battery for a 2013 Nissan Leaf , or even better, an upgrade in terms of capacity at full charge, which will fit where the old one is. I am still getting 60-70 km on full charge but it will probably be nothing one day ??

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