Getting the rack ready

The rack itself is awkward to move and would be impossible to move once the leaf batteries are installed. It needs a strong base and wheels.

First I built a rectangle frame from of 20×20 SHS. The frame sits under a lip of the main rack frame.

The base fits nicely on a lip off of the main frame.

I then started work on the Leaf base plate. One of the base plates I received with was two and a bit modules wide. I marked out where I wanted to cut it and then used an angle grinder to cut the unwanted piece.

I marked out the unwanted piece (left)
I must have rotated the base during cutting. I also trimmed some small tabs as they were not required.

I then placed the base plate inside the rack. The base plate mounting holes line up exactly with the 20×20 RHS base I built.

I gave the bottom of the rack a good clean out after taking these photos!

Now I could test fit the batteries!

Test fit

If I had my time over I would not have welded the wheels to the 20×20 frame. I would have welded plates onto the frame and bolted the wheels on.

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