Threaded Rod

Tonight I spent about an hour cutting threaded rod to length (just about 1m) This should allow me to mount 200 modules if I use all 8 stacks. This requires 32m of threaded rod. I had all but the last 8m of it, so I cut it all and then test fitted a module on the top shelf.

Plenty of room to work around the modules and run cable after they are mounted.
Starting to look good

I then used Loctite to secure the 16 rods into the base mount.

Locktite was used to secure the threaded rod.

I then used some M8 bolts to secure the mount to the top shelf.

As they say, that isn’t going anywhere.
These back bolts are large wood screws and screw down into the 90mm thick frame through the plywood shelf.

Tonight’s completed progress:

Tomorrow I will purchase 8 more meters of threaded rod and complete the bottom shelf.

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