The Busbars 2.0

Now that I have a completely new way of mounting the modules – and more of them, I needed to remake all the busbars. I found a local company willing to make them for me with their CNC Mill. This will ensure the holes are precise. I also didn’t feel like drilling hundreds of holes. This weekend I cut the copper into 500mm lengths and then smoothed the ends with a wire wheel.

The busbar material:

7x 500mm x 15mm x 3mm Copper Bar
14x 500mm x 25mm x 3mm Copper Bar
+ a few smaller lengths of 25mm x 3mm for connecting each parallel pack.

Cut to 500mm
The top two piles are ready to goto the CNC Mill
Busbars back from CNC
These two test busbars have been drilled and are now ready for a test fit.
Test fitting the test busbars. They fit perfectly!
The elongated holes in the larger busbar help. The smaller busbar has plenty of play as wel.

I gave the go ahead to drill out the rest. Here is what they looked like when I got them back from the CNC.

I decided to polish the busbars before installing. Brasso worked well.

All the busbars are now installed and I have powered up the battery (Cerbo + Batrium BMS)

The next steps are to connect the shunt trip, tidy up and then get sparky to do the 240V side.

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