Adding more DC Solar Part 2 – Racking Installation

Fathers day! What better day to install solar racking. Here are some progress shots.

The first step was working out the spacing of the feet. My first attempt wasn’t so successful. I was using this spacing method:

Foot – 5 empty Ridges – Foot – 4 empty Ridges – Repeat

It became obvious using this method that while it would work and produce consistent looking spaces between legs, the end wouldn’t exactly line up. So rather than using the above method, I marked out where the first and last foot needed to go and then filled in the gaps evenly – It ended up being 4 ridges between each foot.

I replaced the standard length roofing screws with longer 65mm roofing screws. As this is only a lean-to, I didn’t bother with silicon.

I was sure to use the rubber between the foot and the roof – I believe this helps prevent some sort of galvanic metal reaction.

The next step is to install the earth wire so all four pieces of racking is properly earthed, then I will be able to mount the panels.

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