Adding more DC Solar Part 3 – Testing Second Hand Panels

Before installing the panels, I wanted to make sure they were all OK. I performed two tests:

  1. Short Circuit Current – Using a current clamp to measure current.
  2. Insulation Test using a Megger

Short Circuit Current

This step is rather easy. Simple connect the positive and negative plugs together on your solar panel and point it at the sun. Using a DC clamp meter measure the short circuit current. I got around 8.5amps on a clear day with the panel pointing directly at the sun. Good enough for me.

Insulation Test using a Megger

Using a Megger I tested the insulation between the frame and the two leads of the panel. To test, I made a test lead that would allow me to short the positive and negative leads together while giving me access to the lead for testing. I connected one side of the Megger to the frame and the other to the lead. The Megger was giving me testing results up around the 10Mohm or above. Again, good enough for me.

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