Adding more DC Solar Part 7 – Completing the Install & Testing

I started work on the system yesterday by completing the DC cabling on the lean-to. I installed the branch connectors and then cut custom lengths of cable and terminated with the required MC4 connectors. I used large zip ties to tidy up the wiring.

I then went back to the wiring inside the shed. here are some more progress shots.

As you can see from the image above, I used some bodge wires to get it functional. THis was only temporary until I could get to the shop for more 16mm cable. Here is a picture of the completed setup

Now that I have completed the proof of concept, I will work on a plan to completely redo this. Next time I will mount everything on a piece of form ply and route the wiring behind it rather than via conduit. It will look tidy and the form ply will be a little more fire-resistant than the plywood used here. I also want to add DC breakers/switches between the MPPT’s and the busbar to make it easier to isolate them.

Now for the test!

As you can see below, I was able to generate 1444w from the six 250w panels – Close enough to full power for me. At the peak today I saw over 142amps going into the batteries which is over 8300w.

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