Adding more DC Solar Part 6 – Mounting the inverter

Before starting on the inverter (Victron SmartSolar 150/35) I connected the DC Cable to the rooftop isolator. This involved terminating the cable with male and female MC4 connectors.

I used the correct crimp tool (Narva brand) with the #12 crimp insert.

Good quality crimper from Narva

I used the middle (4mm) crimp

I then connected to the output of the rooftop isolator and temporarily cable tied into place.

The next job was to start mounting the 150/35 inverter. Before I could do this however I had to add some plywood to the shed wall so I had room to mount it.

I had two powerpoints to contend with – One is a 20amp outlet for my welder and the other a standard 10amp outlet.

I then mounted the isolator and Victron SmartSolar 150/35 and started to terminate the cables.

This last photo is as far as I got today.

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