Circuit Breaker and Shunt Trip

Thanks to Rohan Wilschefski’s advice I found a second hand Merlin Gerin NS160 N circuit breaker from eBay. I then found a compatible 48V 30w shunt trip. This will allow the Batrium BMS to disconnect the Battery from the inverter in case of emergency such as Low Cell Voltage, High Cell Voltage etc.

Merlin Gerin NS160N

Shown here with 70mm sq cable lug

The shunt trip arrived today from the USA – even in the middle of the Corona Virus outbreak, international shipping is still quick!

fitted it into the circuit breaker and tested it. Everything works as it should.


    1. I just looked at my ebay history, and the title of the purchase was: “Merlin Gerin MX/SHT Shunt Trip 48v DC 30W Used” – I remember when researching that these things come in different voltages – you can get 12v, 48v etc versions – And as I’m using 48v battery I got the 48 volt version. I took a punt that it was the right one and it works.

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