Creating the Batrium <-> Victron CAN bus cable

While waiting for other parts, I figured now was as good a time as any to tackle the communication cable between the Batrium and Victron Cerbo unit.

The Batrium Documentation doesn’t spell it out, but does give enough information and links to work it out. One end of the cable is standard ethernet as shown below. This end goes into the Victron end.

Victron End

Batrium End

Victron End – Batrium End

Pin 3 – Ground
Pin 7 – High
Pin 8 – Low

I created an easy print PDF to help me make the cable. You can view/print the PDF here.

The end pictured connects to the BMS Can interface on the Cerbo
This end connects to the Batrium BMS
Install of the CAN lead complete
The 120ohm resistor is required. (thou should have been a jumper on the WM5 rather than relying on fiddly resistors IMHO.


  1. Batrium states the Victron VE CANbus does not allow to have a Victron Smartsolar product AND a Batrium Core1 together on the same bus.
    Any reason why this could be?
    I have a Core1 running but will sell it in order to buy a REC or 123smartsolar product that is neither supported but do work on the same CANbus.

    1. The Victron system has two separate bus’s. One for BMS and the other for MPPT’s. (in addition to VEBus).

      The Victron BMS goes onto the BMS bus.

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