Adding more DC Solar Part 4 – Panel Install

Today I completed the install of the earth wire and the 6 panels. I started by adding the earth clamps to the rail and attaching the earth wire.

A small amount of insulation needed to be removed with a Stanley knife

It’s important to bond each rail to earth, and for there to be no joins in the earth wire. As I have four rails, I needed four earth clamps.

THis picture shows all four earth clamps – One for each rail.

I then started adding the panels to the rails. This process was relatively easy. As long as you have a mate to pass up the panels!

I then sprayed Galmet Dura Gal spray paint over the exposed copper to help seal it.

Here is what it looks like from underneath. I have tied up the wires for now so they don’t get wet. I will hook them up this week when I have time.

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