Adding more DC Solar Part 5 – Cabling

Today I fixed the rooftop solar isolator to the rails and did some cabling. The first step was to fix the solar rooftop isolator to the top rail. I used a 6.5mm drill bit to drill two holes into the rail and then used an 8mm tap to tap a thread into the holes.

I wasn’t 100% happy with the amount of bite on the thread, so I slid in the weird nuts into the rail and as luck would have it they lined up with the holes I had drilled so I was able to screw straight into the nuts for a really nice tight fit. To finish up I used a few cable ties to temporarily secure the leads under the panels so they don’t get wet.

The next step was to feed the earth and DC Cable through some 25mm outdoor solar rated corrugated conduit. My son helped me with this. I was sure to feed the cable gland and conduit adaptor on first. I also had a decktite

Corrugated Conduit to Female thread
Cable Gland to Male thread
Cooper helping feed the cable into the corrugated conduit.

Next, I secured the decktite to the tin roof. I was sure to clean the roof first and then used grease remover to ensure the silicon sticks.

First decktite – and yes, its been pointed out to me that this should have been on the high point 🙂

I did some temporary cable management to hold it in place while the silicon drys.

This is another view of the isolator with the temporary cable ties holding the plugs up out of the rain.

I used galvanised 25mm half saddles to secure the conduit to the shed.

Tomorrow I should be able to get the DC cable wired into the output of the rooftop isolator and the rest of the DC/Earth cable run through the shed.

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